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Family Therapy

15-minute consultation to determine if we're the right fit for you


Children and, often, the whole family need support to overcome hardship due to life transitions, illnesses, behaviours, and communication issues. Family Therapy can facilitate change and improve daily life and routine.

I work with families who need support with:

  • Family Dynamics

  • Life Transitions

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Excessive Worries


  • Parenting
  • Anxiety

  • Chronic Illness

  • Communication Issues

What does the session look like?

Family therapy starts with the assessment prosses which consists of an interview with parents and a session with a child. Sometimes the whole family session might also be needed. A plan is devised after that.


​​The therapeutic process might involve the work with parents only, or child only, depending on the presenting issues. Sometimes dyadic work is recommended. All of that would be discussed in a feedback session, so you will have a clear understanding of what will be involved in your care.

Various evidence-based practices may be engaged such as "Wait, Watch and Wonder", Structural family therapy, Emotion Focused Family Therapy.


15-minute consultation to determine if we're the right fit for you

Crisis Resources

~ If you are in crisis or need someone to talk to immediately, please go to the WORLDWIDE crisis line:

~ If you are in CANADA visit: or call: 1.833.456.4566 or text 45645

~ CANADA KIDS Help Phone: Call 1-800-668-6868 or text CONNECT to 686868 for 24/7 support 

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